Okay, folks, it is true. It is not only knitters (of which I am one) who have stashes upon stashes . . .  it is also readers (of which I am ONE) who have stashes upon stashes.

I am cleaning out the book stash – and it pains me greatly to do so. I LOVE books, love to read, wish I had more time – or the ability to stay awake longer – to read. Or, in this case, to read these titles again.

But I do not, and I cannot, so I am coming to you all with a proposition.

I live in Alaska – I make my own fun. Yes, indeedy.

The first five – non-family member- folks who post a comment to this post may take their pick of one of the following titles by Alaskan authors. I will be happy to slip the book into the mail to you come Monday. How’s that for a cool deal from a cool purple moose?

I’ve linked the books to their Amazon counterpart so you can make an informed decision on which you might like.

One to a customer, please – and please leave your choice in your comment. I will email you – so make sure you leave a good, working, email address – so that we can exchange mailing addresses.

On your mark – get set – CHOOSE!


Death Takes Passage, by Sue Henry – A Jessie Arnold Mystery (c) 1997

The Music of What Happens by John Straley – A Cecil Younger Mystery (c) 1996

Dead Stick by Megan Mallory Rust – A Taylor Morgan, pilot mystery (c) 1998

and, just because I have way more of her books – AND – because I know some of you really enjoy reading her – here are TWO books by Dana Stabenow:

A Cold Day for Murder – a Kate Shugak mystery (c) 1992

Fire and Ice – a Liam Campbell mystery (c) 1998

There are nineteen more titles where these came from – so I will likely do this again. It depends on how this go around works. There is just no more room in my (junk) catch-all room so it is time to clear some out. I am not giving up the autographed copies that I have, however. Sorry ’bout that. The family will likely inherit those someday. Yup, I’ve been blessed to have met Dana, John and Sue. Dana and John attended writers group functions and we treated them to dinner before their speaking engagements. I met Sue at the Writers Conference in 2003.

by the way – Lessa and I are attending this year’s Kachemak Bay Writers Conference next weekend. We leave Friday and return Tuesday. Amy Tan is the keynote speaker this year. Woo-hoo!

Okay – enough from me – enter comment zone. 


7 responses

  1. Heather says:

    Hello! Long time no read, but I have been rather busy with real life to do much blog walking. :s

    No need to send me a book, I’ve got way too many of my own! 😉 I also know how torn you can feel when you start to weed them out. I have to think about the last time I read any of them…like my collection of Agatha Christie that hasn’t been read since I don’t know how long… I do have some keepers, though, that I like to read over and over… it’s kind of like paying old friends another visit.

  2. Mary Lou says:

    i HAVE READ ALL OF THEM EXCEPT John Straley. Have not read any of his. I Love Megan Rust, she just does not write as often as I would like. I have read all of Sue Henry’s including the new series. and I devour Dana Stabenow! I wish she wrote more of Liam Campbell.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Hi! I have read all of them too. Thanks anyway.
    Gosh, save yourself the postasge and take them to a local retirement home, Senior Center, jail or hospital. Sorry I haven’t been by for awhile, I get busy crocheting and don’t blog much myself.

  4. barbara says:

    No problem, guys – hey, Mary Lou, does that mean you would like to try a John Straley book?


  5. bb says:

    Well thanks for the invite. I’m not a mystery reader so obviously know nothing about any of the books.

    My bad is to collect non-profits cookbooks. What makes that funny is I cook mainly stuff I’ve cooked for years. I just love to read the recipes and remember how hard it was putting together our organizations cook book. 😛 😀

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  7. Mary Lou says:

    Yes I would! Thank You!

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