I have been placed in a position of authority until April 1st because my boss is on a 3 month sabbatical. (it’s well deserved and earned, I must say. We are all so glad she is getting this chance)

This, of course, is in addition to doing my own job and so there is sometimes a bit of stress. Add to that the time I have missed due to my little surgery escaped, and I am understanding more than before how much my boss needs this time away from all of us.

But, I am learning the power of – and the need for – delegation of duties. In the past couple of weeks it has become quite clear to me that I simply cannot (nor should I) do it all. So, I have tried to assign (sounds so stiff, but can’t think of another way to say it) things to other – very well qualified – staff members.

One day I even caught myself sounding just like my boss – and I stopped mid-sentence, looked at the person I was talking to, and said “Wow! I sounded just like an Executive Director there for a minute, didn’t I?” and we both laughed.

But it was one of those “AHA!” moments for me.

You can ask my kids – I don’t always have a great deal of self assuredness. My boss even told me one time that even though I go kicking and screaming into something new she can count on me to come through in the end. That is so good to hear – but it is also so hard for me to believe.

Slowly, I’m starting to believe that I can do this!!!

Gonna have to think of a way to thank my boss on her return – of course, handing the agency back to her in good shape is one way, huh?

But – maybe chocolates, too. 😉

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  1. bonnie says:

    Caught up now. Still laughing at the sign of your urologist. Would love to join you in the island trip, last year ate every spare dime.

    btw I got your letter, just can’t seem to get around to answering.

  2. Faith says:

    You’re not going to want to give it back! I love being in charge and delegating. You can get such a rush from it — that’s probably how you’re starting to feel. There’s a real sense of accomplishment to be taken from it — not to mention my personal love of bossing people around (I know, no shocker there).

    A big GOOD FOR YOU from me & Boris!

  3. batty says:

    Yay, for feeling comfortable at work! That’s such a nice feeling! And the idea of being welcomed back with chocolates is nice too – and your boss will be glad to know you missed her, just because that’s always a nice thing to hear from folks.

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