It’s time to play Separated at Birth again.

It’s always fun to me to see people who resemble each other – generally generations apart. You might remember my posts about Eric Bogosian and Elliott Gould

and then Ana Gasteyer and Katherine Hahn .

Now I give you Valerie Bertinelli of the 70’s show One Day at a Time

and Lindsey Price of the newest show Lipstick Jungle.


Lindsey has that whole oriental thing going (her mother is Korean), and Valerie’s face is rounder, but seen separately they bear a strong resemblance. Don’t you think?

and, now if you will excuse me . . . I think I will go and see how good the new show is.

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  1. Ali says:

    We were just discussing their resemblance this past Sunday when someone saw the photo on the Tv guide section and commented that Valerie Bertinelli sure looks a lot younger in her new show. 🙂 Used to think that she and her former husband looked alike. Eddie Van Halen didn’t age as well as she did, though.

  2. barbara says:

    Hi, Ali! It’s been a long time, friend. Thanks for the comment – and, yes, Eddie didn’t grow old gracefully. 😉

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