Awhile back I wrote about the blessing of being footloose and cancer free. Today I can write about how my doctors hate me/love me.

No, they really LOVE me! It’s just that some might think a person hates you if he tells you to go on, get out and get on with your life. But to me, that just rings of TRUE LOVE.

And, that is what I heard Monday from my internist. Yeah, I never had an internist before, either. Not until January 20th when I had that pesky little heart attack thing going on. Now I have an internist (or two or three) and a cardiologist – in addition to my urologist from the kidney cancer thang.

And, the all just LOVE me! I am good to go. I am to get out and get on with my life. They are shaking their heads and just saying hmmmmm.

Hmmmm as in – you are now cancer free – come back in six months (instead of the originally planned 3 months).

Hmmmm as in – your bloodwork is FANTASTIQUE! – get outta here – you don’t hafta come back for a YEAR!

Whoot! Just makes this old moosie’s heart go beating on its merry little way.

Oh! and my numbers from that pesky little lipid panel they made me go through? Check out these babies!

Cholesterol = 137
HDL = 52
LDL = 68
Triglycerides = 85

Do you wonder why my doctors all love me? I am in GREAT shape for the shape that I’m in – disgustingly healthy. And, it is SO nice to leave them wondering, you know? yeah!

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  1. Ladybug says:

    I’m so PROUD OF YOU! you passed your tests you musta studied realy hard …. LOL.
    I am happy to hear that Lord willin’ you will be around for a while longer. MUAH!

  2. AkMotleyGal says:

    It was so nice to finally meet you Nana Moosie!! Much love and Happy Anniversary!!

  3. ali says:

    Keep ‘um guessing! God is good! 🙂

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