Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

Gramma, Gramma, come see. Come play with us.

Lilith closed her book, and then laid it onto the picnic table. Having her grandchildren over for an afternoon was always a treat. Susie and Andrew had been playing in the kiddie pool while she read.

Now they were playing with bubbles, laughing at the rainbow hued orbs they were leaving in the grass.

Lilith called them to her. Ready for lunch, kiddos? Come on in the house, but mind you don’t trail the bubbles onto the carpet. Who wants ‘skettios’?

So, those witty Trifecta editors came up with a challenging prompt this week: TRAIL using the third definition: to move, flow, or extend slowly in thin streams [smoke trailing from chimneys].

Okay – that is HARD to do – without adding ‘ing’ to the word, or making it a noun instead of a verb. I wrote a poem – changed it so much it wasn’t what I envisioned – then came up with the above. Yeah, I’m not sure it meets the challenge. Off to read what YOU wrote.