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Moira waited backstage while the opening act prepped the crowd. She loved the sound of the cloggers’ taps and the responding thunder from thousands of feet in the audience. “It gets to me soul, Padraig, it gets to me soul.”

Giving her a peck on her cheek, Padraig Mullan waited for her benediction, a rub on his bald pate, then ran out to greet the crowd.

“She’s coming, boyos. She’s soon here, lassies. The finest soul in Ireland is waiting to meet you, to t’rill your hearts. Tell her how much she means to you, now. I give to you the blessed voice of an angel; the one and only MOIRA!”
those darlin’ editors at Trifecta have given yet another challenge. This time we are to write 33-333 words using THUNDER in its third definition. 111 words is multiply-able (is, too, a word) by 3 giving 333. (clever, ms. moosie, clever)

I’m Irish by descent and a lover of Irish music and rhythms. Moira speaks to my soul, darlin’ Padraig.

thun•der noun \ˈthən-dər\

1: the sound that follows a flash of lightning and is caused by sudden expansion of the air in the path of the electrical discharge
2: a loud utterance or threat
3: bang, rumble [the thunder of big guns]

Hubby Moose is apparently having a really good time. I haven’t heard from him since that one call – well, a text reply when I sent my friend’s phone number to him. He will be full to overflowing with tales to tell on his return, I imagine.

My friend emailed me today to let me know she had gotten her card – I sent it with HM – and that was a great email.

I did not even poke my head outside Saturday – spent time putting up the blackout curtains in our bedroom. That early morning sunrise is tough to take at 5 in the morning – and with each passing day the “possible daylight hours” grow longer and longer. At summer solstice we will be at a bit over 17 hours. The curtains make the room much darker.

Today granddaughter and I attended early service and Sunday School. A young woman spoke to us about Royal Family Kids Camp which brings foster kids into a safe camp setting. Pretty cool project.

Afterwards we went to the next town to visit the newly re-opened DQ for lunch and then shopping for a few groceries.

Since our return I have been knitting some, doing some laundry and am now looking forward to The Amazing Race in about half an hour.

Back to work tomorrow. Yup – Monday, Monday.

HM returns Thursday morning.

Here are a few more viewpoints for the 33×3 Trifextra Challenge. Thanks to those who commented. I cannot say I understand exactly what goes on in anyone’s brain . . . but I have heard many of these comments.
Prosecutor: Defense attorney says his client wants a deal. They all do. Can’t admit their own actions caused this. They just want the easy way out. I hate this part of the job.

Defendant: Bitch deserved it! If she hadn’t talked back I wouldn’t have had to slap her. Damn cops always arrest the man. She’ll be sorry when I get out of here. Not guilty!

Victim Advocate: I can only sit here and hold her hand. God, she’s shaking! Wish I could tell the jury the other stuff this perv has done to her. She deserves much better.

Juror 1: The pictures! Bloodied face. Blackened eyes. Broken fingers. This isn’t like CSI on TV. I think I’m going to be sick. Why didn’t she just leave the bastard? I hate this!

Magistrate: Another domestic violence case. Another broken victim. Another unrepentant perpetrator. The pictures! God! They tear me up. Juror 3 is nodding off – unbelievable! Wish I could do more. I hate this job!

Defense Attorney: Just doing my job – this guy’s a scum bag. I told him to clean up. Juror 5 looks sympathetic. God! Look at those pictures. Some days I really hate this job.

The Trifextra challenge this weekend is to write a scene involving 3 people – 3 sections – 33 words each.

In my “real” life I oversee a domestic violence intervention program. Part of my job requires attending court sessions – after the fact – once I’ve had to non-comply a participant. In my mind I often write scripts – hopeful wording perhaps – for the people involved in the cases. My job is hard enough. I cannot imagine how hard it is for the people involved in such cases. I must say that the defense attorneys and I do not always see eye to eye. I’m hoping they really do have a conscience such as my pretend one above.

By the way, the comment from Juror 1 about why the victim didn’t just leave? We hear that a lot – that is putting the blame onto the VICTIM not on the perpetrator. There are LOTS of reasons she may not be able to leave. Learn more here: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Thanks for reading.

Hubby-moose is having a great time with his family and friends. I heard from him yesterday afternoon as he and his buddy were driving back from a visit with HM’s aunt. He had lots to tell me – about the visi; about someone who sought him out while looking for his older brother’s gravesite; about his buddy’s grandson; about his new teeth and glasses.

Yup – that is the main reason for the trip – new chompers. Up here they would have cost over $3000. He went to a clinic “Outside” and got them for just over $1000. That is well worth the time off work and the cost of the flight. Besides, he needed to get away and just to BE for a bit.

I’ve done my best not to bug him – not to call or text. Hubbies need time away from their partners, too.

Last night I was in bed at 9:30 p.m. and slept like a rock. Only woke up once – rolled over and went right back to sleep. Love it.

Breakfasts with the grandgirls have gone well – although I have had to call the oldest each morning to remind her she really DOES need to get out of bed. lol

I keep carrying my camera – thinking I will take the time to take some pictures. I have a few that haven’t been downloaded yet, but in the meantime if you want to see some GLORIOUS Alaskan pics, check out Susan’s blog. She lives in Fairbanks. She has some new aurora pics up. Alaska has been blessed with some gorgeous spring auroral activity this year.

Enjoy your weekend. Myself? Thinking about sleeping in tomorrow. We’ll see how that works out.