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I’ve been absent – no prompt pieces for trifecta or VelvetVerbosity . . . but mostly not even a personal post. As the saying goes, I’ve been busy. Hubbymoose and I were just talking about that this morning over breakfast. We were being entertained by the members of the “Coffee Table” whose conversation and language amuses us greatly. I shared that it had been awhile since I’d written and he agreed with me when I said “I am just brain tired when I get done with work.”

Ever get that way – brain tired?

My doctor asked me last week what I do all day – she wondered if I had a busy job which would play into her prescription. I answered “I’m a desk jockey with a chair with rolley wheels.” Desk jockeys often, as in my case, are utilizing only one muscle – the brain. To combat that I go to the gym at least 5 times a week.

But lest you think desk jockeys and their brains do not get tired . . . it is actually the opposite. Overworking the brain with data and technical writing and the like tires the body because the mind just can’t function on a higher level once work is left behind.

Some days all I want to do is sleep when I get home. Some days even if my body does not know that (I want to sleep) my brain informs the body in no uncertain terms that it NEEDS to sleep and needs to do it right NOW. Thus my night shift working hubby will often find me “resting my eyes” in my chair when he wakens to get ready for his shift.

On another note – my house is a MESS! It hasn’t been vacuumed in – I can’t remember when. Hubby is a day sleeper so I try to make as little noise as possible on weekends. General pickup and laundry chores can be accomplished, but noisy chores cannot.

Bottom line – if you come to see ME, come anytime. If you come to see my HOUSE – make an appointment.

Come to me again
Caress me and
Love me
Dream lover
Where are you

He said
I have a dream
They sang
Dream lover
I long
Dreaming a little dream
Trifecta weekend writing challenge: write a 33 word apostrophe. Hmmmm – new one to me, so had to try it.

We found the crown the day Johnny died. Judd and I hid in the loft during the funeral, our sorrow the tether holding us there. Judd opened a chest and we saw jewels.

Kotomi_ / Foter / CC BY-NC

The editors at trifecta gave us three words – Tether Loft Crown – and tasked us with adding 30 more. These are mine . . . you have some time yet. Where are yours?