DaddyJim loaded up the Chivvy. Mama fried up the chicken and grits. The sun was barely peepin’ over the trees in yonder field when we set out, Buddy’s and my chubby hands claspin’ hot biscuits drippin’ with butter.

‘Long about noon we stopped at the fillin’ station.

“Git on now, ‘Nona. Take Buddy and git warshed up afore lunch.”

We et, then took a rest. When I woke up, I saw the Chivvy pullin’ out without me.

Tears rolled in dirty canals down my cheeks, but then, DaddyJim was there. “Chile, you rest easy. We would never forget our Winona.”

photo of the Soulsby Station of Route 66.

This is my entry for Lance’s 100 Word Song based on Route 66 by Depeche Mode (and others, of course). I especially love the line And don’t forget Winona as that was my mother’s name.