Is it a bad thing? That John and I are no longer together? I don’t think so – my parents do, but then – they paid for the wedding. I guess they have the right.
Trifecta asked for 33 words about love gone wrong . . . these are mine squeaking in at the very last minute. Oh, by the way . . . there were forbidden words: love, sad, tears, wept, heart, pain. Makes it a little tougher.
🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. With or without a lover, go and have a chocolate.

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  1. lol With the expense of weddings, the parents probably have more of a say than the couple! Funny, Barbara!

  2. jannatwrites says:

    Ha! If this is how it works, about fifty percent of parents are disappointed 🙂

  3. If I spent all that money on a wedding, I would definently be disappointed! haha

  4. I guess at the end they would be less motivated to pay the next time.

  5. Tara R. says:

    Makes me wonder if some marriages do stay together because the couple feels obligated to parents, family, friends… hmmmm?

  6. Trifecta says:

    Haha! That’s fantastic. My friend pulled out of her wedding at the last minute. We were all shocked. Her two boyfriends weren’t.

    Thanks for linking up!

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