Extra glasses. Check
Enough underwear to clothe poor kids in foreign countries. Check
Medication. Check
Food. Enough to feed an army. Check
Slippers. Check
Books (never to be read – who had time?) Check

As we unpacked each item we shook our heads and chuckled. Today we laugh even harder. All of us do. At that time we feared one of us would never see the humor. (he lived!)

When I drove to Anchorage to be with my heART I forgot my meds. Daughter packed a box. I shall forever be grateful for her kindness. And all those underwear. Oh my.

the box

written for the 100 Word prompt LIST. Thanks, Tara.

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  1. Tara R. says:

    I’m taking a very short road trip this week – there and back, 2 days – I’ll pack enough for a month.

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