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these bags are from Ms. Hiroko A, a friend of Keiko who sent bags previously for the project.

So many times we get caught up in our lives – caught up in the lives of other people – caught up in projects (some good and some not so good – you all know the types) – and we put our hearts and souls into all these things . . . .

. . . . and then they come to an end – or at least the end of our part in them. Such is the Share-A-Square project and the offshoot Bag Project. Yesterday I received the last 5 bags needed (from Japan, no less!) to make up the 70 bags I had promised Shelly I could gather together.

Tomorrow I will box them up and ship them off to Shelly in time for her to take them, along with 140 precious afghans, to the children at Camp Sanguinity. Yes, friends, they are precious – they represent hours of love and work YOU have put into them – and, THAT is precious.

From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU for helping Shelly reach her goal – thank you for your support in so many ways.

You are each very precious to me!

Here’s a very nice article about the entire project.

Sadly I won’t be able to join Shelly and Sherry and others to deliver the afghans – I had hoped to be able to go along – but, someday I trust and hope that I will get to meet these two dynamic ladies. You’ll all be the first to know when that happens!

to come to Knitting Passion and make a comment to win one of these:


the one on the left is actually orange – not gold. But my camera decided it looked better this way.

Leave a comment on the knitting blog and earn a chance to win one of the skully dishcloths. Post an entry on your own blog about the contest and then leave a comment at the knitting blog and earn another entry for one of the dishcloths.

You might even win BOTH!

Pay me a visit and comment – you know you wanna! (the comments must be at Knitting Passion – not here – thanks)

Awhile back I posted here about the possibility of doing a knitted scarf exchange – some of you wrote and said you’d like to take part in such a thing. Do you all still want to do that?


Pop on over to the knitting blog and see what I have in store for everyone who reads there. You are all welcome to join us in that. And, it’s a neat way to meet new folks on the web.


Hubby and I are off to the big town tomorrow (Wednesday) – he is scheduled to have cataract surgery on his right eye in the afternoon. We’ll spend the night and come home after seeing the doctor Thursday morning.

So – while I am gone, you all could be having some fun at my expense. (literally)

If you would – go on over to my knitting place and read my challenge – Make a donation to Wendy’s 3-day effort, leave me a comment telling me how much and I will match your donation – up to a total of $100. (No, not $100 per person – $100 total). She only has $95 to go so let’s help her get there before the 3 day starts on the 24th.

AND – I will put everyone’s name into a hat and the one I pull out will receive a purplemoose and a pair of purplemoose socks. Now, isn’t THAT special? Aye-yup.

Come  on – you know you want to . . .

thanks, everyone – you are all special in my book!

One day trips to anchortown are not my favorite thing to do – up and back in the same day – 300+ miles, 3+ hours each way, road construction, road whales (rvs) and idiot drivers (anyone but me – hahaha) add up to a not so fun trip.

Add to that the stress of having to take hubby to the eye doc for an evaluation for an upcoming cataract surgery . . . well, just a wee bit difficult.

But, we made it through in one piece – even found a local yarn shop I have been trying to find the last several trips up – and got the Girl her (13th!!) birthday gift. So, it turned out okay.

You can read more about the local yarn shop over at knittingpassion. I’ve placed links to Zaynab’s shop (Knitting Grounds) and her blog (knits from grounds) there also.

Bought a skein of TOFUtsies sock yard – did you know it is made (well 2.5% of it) from shrimp and crab shells? That’s just pretty cool. She had a sample sock made of the yarn and it feels so soft! That may be my next project – I have so many different things on needles at the moment, but I am looking forward to seeing how the yarn knits up.

Hubby moose will have the cataract surgery on his right eye in mid-August. They will wait to do the left eye until after the first surgery is completely healed and he is ready. That will either be the end of August or sometime in September or October. It actually depends on hubby and the doc – they just need to give me enough warning so I can arrange to take time off work. 😉

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!