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Land sakes (as Grandma Abbott would say), it has been FOREVER since I have been here. Where has the time gone?

Work continues to take most of my time . . . but all work and no play makes for a dull moosie. So, what is happening otherwise?


About 18 months ago I stumbled upon cross fit as a way of working out. I went into it with trepidation and fear because I didn’t know how to do any of the movements and I was sure I would be laughed at. (Oh, catholic grade school days, how you continue to haunt me) But that does NOT happen in Coach Nikki’s cross fit workouts. She is all about working to YOUR (MY) abilities, concentrating on proper form so you (I) don’t get hurt.

SCALE is the word, is the word, is the word.

I started with two nights a week – moving up to two early mornings and then three early mornings and, when Coach Nikki and her PIC Carmen opened their own box, 5 mornings a week. The schedules have changed a bit, but I am still going 5 days a week. I am getting stronger and I love our community of like-minded people.

Recently I took part in the CrossFit Games Open competition, along with several members of our Box. I had NO clue what I was getting myself into. But I am game for most anything and LOVED the stretching of my abilities. Thank goodness the PTB in the Open had a scaled division – and age divisions. I gladly accepted my place in the Masters division (60+) and made it through all 5 weeks of the competition. Placed SECOND in Alaska for my age group. (out of 3, but, shush)

So, yep . . . work . . . cross fit . . . family . . . church . . . THUD!

That THUD is what I do when I come home from work each day. (Getting up at 4:30 is EARLY)

Oh, and knitting . . . yup, still doing that. Writing? Not as much. I still have people wandering through my brain cells begging to be let out. I’ll get the there. It just may take me awhile. I am still writing a bit – have had pieces published in the Alaska Women Speak quarterly magazine several times. I just haven’t been here.

That’s me . . . how have YOU been?

Live Free. Live Strong.

p.s. 3 years ago and last summer pics below . . . will be updating soon. 🙂
wide load 2010 june 2014 4-24-15

added a third picture from today.

Another installment of my trip to Boston – some of the foliage, animals/water fowl, and characters I came across along the way. Oh, the hilarity that ensued.

One of the things I wanted to do for sure was to find the Edgar Allen Poe statue, which was unveiled the Sunday before my arrival. There was a sign asking people not to climb on top of the statue, but nothing said I couldn’t give him a hug. (smile) The visit to Cheers was accidental (Oh, there it is!) and sadly, nobody there knew my name. haha. The last two pics were taken at Tremont 647 which we had mostly to ourselves. Loved meeting Brian & Bridget, and Beth and Danny. They, of course already knew Shelley. Our waiter was Shaun and everyone decided he and I needed a pic together as well.

Fall colors! In Alaska we don’t see the vibrant reds so I was thrilled. The squirrel? About twice the size of those in Alaska. And, B-I-G trees! The trunk was huge – I placed my cell phone there for comparison. And, of course I needed pics of the mounted park rangers. Saw lots of dog walkers, but this guy took the award for wrangling the largest group. He was a good neighbor, too . . . pausing to bag and tag the excrement along the way. I also saw several groups of children being walked through the Common as well as near my hotel. I didn’t get really good pictures, however. It was really cute – walkers would hold onto handles attached to ropes. Younger kiddos would be in multi seated strollers all strapped in. And, ALL of them were happy and chattering. Nice to see.

Water, as always draws me. Lots of that around me while wandering through Boston Common and the Public Gardens.

Even in a big city like Boston I reminded myself – I live in Alaska – I make my own fun. Part of that fun was to see Boston from a different perspective. Yes, I did it. I boarded a Duck and took a tour that was fun and entertaining and educational as well. And . . . I got to go ONTO the Charles River without being in a boat – or getting wet. Well, mostly I didn’t get wet, but I was in the front seat and near an open window and the Duck kicked up some waves. So, I got sprinkled.

Here are some pics from that tour.

gas lights! more cool architecture


Elephants! from a Duck! In Boston? Yup. The driver was chatting away and telling us about the sights along the way when he, very disappointingly, stated we would have to detour because the police had that road blocked off. Then he got excited and said “get your cameras – get your cameras – this is even better!” And we were treated to a parade of elephants headed toward the Gardens for the circus later that night. Cool! We also heard about Jumbo – or the remains of Jumbo – the mascot for Tufts University.

The last one, the smallest, is the STAR as you can see.

going down onto the Charles River hey, look, another Duck! row, row, row sailing, sailing cormorants capital dome suffolk county jail we're headed out - they're waiting to come in part of the Berlin Wall (Reagan said "tear down this wall!") a castle! just a reflection of our former selves

After the Duck arrived safely back to its street-berth I caught a cab back to the hotel. It was an interesting ride wherein the cabbie tried to deposit me at a hotel not my own . . . and had to be convinced it really was not where I needed to go. I did finally arrive back safely and look back fondly at my “own fun” time.