The jester shook his head and felt a perverse glee in the sound of the bells on his hat.

It was working! He hopped about and stirred the pot, then cackled with joy.

He had gotten them into the same place at the same time then set his dominoes to tumbling. Roadblock after roadblock discouraged the meeting they had hoped for.

A thought – drive home -return in the morning. An added insult by our imp – RAIN! She wouldn’t want to drive in torrential rain. Victory was his. He had foiled their plans.

Maybe. Check next week to discover the rest.

written for the 100 Word Challenge VV and I are in the same town tonight and we are trying to meet up. I’ll let you know next week if we make it or if the jester wins.

Eddie wrapped his cloak tighter around his body, then shrugged as the wind whipped it out of his grasp. Striding with purpose down Boylston Street, his mind whirled with stanzas and verse.

He was considered a bad boy in his day; a rabble rouser. It made no difference to him. He laughed and cried, “pot meet kettle” going about his way.

Today his mind was whirling as he struggled with just the right words to cap his latest poem. A cluck and caw sounded. He lifted his head.

“No longer. No, that doesn’t work. Quoth the raven, nevermore!” That’s it!

Written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge: CLOAK.

Eddie, of course, is Edgar Allen Poe. Last week Boston unveiled a statue to Eddie near the site of his family home. I am excited at the timing as I will be visiting Boston next week and plan to see this monument – as well as walk the Freedom Trail.

. . . and, yes . . . that IS the Telltale Heart tumbling from his briefcase.

Natalie and Michael held hands. Waiting was sometimes the hardest, but they were determined.

How are you doing, Nat?

She shivered and leaned closer to Michael’s ear to whisper; better with you here next to me. I don’t think I could do this without you.

Awww, Nat, you’re stronger than you think. You could, but I have to say, I think it’s more fun with you next to me, too.

The carnie walked up, winked at Natalie and patted Michael on the shoulder. You’re all secure, folks.

He stepped back. The slingshot went off. Natalie shrieked. Then they both laughed.


Written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge: Secure


It used to be – once upon a very long time ago – that people blogged on a daily (sometimes, it seemed, hourly) basis. That was before the so called social media frenzy began. There were Mommy blogs, artistic (Digital Diva, anyone?) blogs, chatty gramma-type blogs such as my own.

We made friends by linking back and forth – chatting in bulletin board type systems – emails – even a phone call or twenty. I discovered a lot of kindred spirits out there.

My imaginary friends, hubbymoose calls them. You don’t know if they are real, he would say. I, trusting my instincts, would shake my head and say “I know.” And, I really did know. Since the beginning of my first blog Eclectic Gramma to today’s version of The PurpleMoose Gazette I have gotten to know and, yes, love several very cool people.

Tonight – when I should be thinking about going to bed, or actually should have been in bed long before this – I started clicking through my links. Sooooooo many have not written for sooooooo long. It makes me sad and it makes me wonder. Where are you, my friends? Are you locked into the FB world? Are you tweeting or some other form of publishing? Why did you leave me?

Okay, that last one is nonsense. You didn’t leave ME – you may have let your blogs slide into semi-oblivion, but that is because your lives have changed. I hope they have changed for the better.

My life is certainly changed in many ways since I came to this space. Pretty much all for the good. :) Any bad – well, I won’t bore you. It’s all confessor type stuff anyway.

You probably noticed my writing here has changed over the past few years as I flexed my noggin and stretched into the writerly world – taking part in poetry challenges and 100 word challenges and trifecta challenges. That might be confusing to those who were used to my gramma style writing.

I trust you are all well. That is my hope for all who have touched my life in some way – that you are all well. If you do stumble here and want to find me – I’m on FB myself – Barbara Purple Moose.

Woke up this morning to find that my daughter had not only made all the updates to my site, but she had changed things all around. Love it and love her. Thanks, Lessa.