He reached into his pocket and lifted out a packet. I shivered, looked around him and behind myself to make sure we were alone. This is dangerous business, I tell him. What if we get caught?

Don’t be a ninny, Susan. We’re not gonna get caught. You want ‘em or not? First one’s free, ya know.

I, I dunno, Tommy. What if my mom finds out?

How’s she gonna do that, huh? You gonna tell her? Here, take one. Here’s water to help wash it down.

I took the water and swallowed a capsule.

My weight loss journey had begun.

The impromptu prompt (see what I did there?) from VV this week, via facebook, was capsule. I don’t condone this type of weight loss, but a lot of us have fallen for this line over the years. This is how many lives of addiction start.

Velvet Verbosity

“You was robbed, Mikey! You shoulda been the winner! You want I should go back there and tell em, Mikey? You want me to take care of them for you?”

The two young men strode through the throngs outside the gym. There were jeers and cheers and much posturing.

Mikey shrugged off Pat’s hand and tugged his cap closer to his head. He winced as he touched his eye. Gonna be a beaut of a shiner there tomorrow.

“What do you think you can do, Pat? It’s all good. I’ll get him next week. Just wasn’t my week. Next week.”

written for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge: ROBBED.

photo credit: 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball No credit given there for pic.


The line stretched for what seemed like hours. Richard and Gretchen were getting impatient as many of the children were.

Gretchen whined, “Mummy, when shall we eat? I am so hungry.” Richard punched her in the arm and called her a baby, but their mother simply smiled in her stoic way.

“Soon, children. We are nearly there.”

The line inched forward until they were at the head. Mother took the children by their arms and handed them to the Major Domo.

“Sir, here is my offering for the feasting.”

Without looking back she left the arena as the children screamed.

Photo credit: susivinh / Foter / CC BY-ND

This is my offering for Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. A bit darker than my normal, but it felt right for the challenge.

Fairy tales all start the same. These days they do. Once upon a time. Blah, blah, blah. But, there was a time, long ago, fairy tales started differently. Each one, different from the other. Each one had a message.

They started, “Come children, hear.” And the stories. Oh, the stories. Scarey, monsterish, loving, frightening. No blah, blah, blah.

Parents teaching their children how to live in the world of Real. Real families discovered monsters under the bed. Real families were torn apart with no happily ever after. Real sent shudders down your spine.

And, so, once upon a time began.

Fairy tales? Once upon a time? Velvet Verbosity challenges us with the word ONCE.

footsteps (800x524)

Merry Christmas to all near and far. Remembering Whose birthday we celebrate today. Thankful to know His as my Savior.

Busy Christmas Eve . . . cooking, eating, family (see, commas ARE important!), food*, fun, and frivolity. Who could ask for more?

Whovian gifts (and one Elsa) knitted or crocheted and gifted.

Kids who tried to make mama cry with a special family gift.(sniffff)

New friends met – old friend reacquainted.

Late morning sleep in (hubby still abed at 8:30!) and another day dawns (well, not yet – this IS Alaska!) with a fresh coating of snow. Yes! We, indeed, got our White Christmas wish!

My wish for all of you is a day filled with family and joy, followed by a dawning new year filled with promise. My love to you all.

*By the way, I am no longer the baker, candy maker I used to be. One project over done (but acceptable) while another never set up and will likely find its way to the garbage – or meet spoons. lol. Think I will leave it to the pros from now on.